Why I quit my retirement.

I’ve earned a paycheck doing something almost everyday since i was 13 years old, if you include my route as a paperboy for the Long Beach Independent Press-Telegram.

I worked my way through the University of Southern California, sometimes holding down a couple of part-time jobs, including painting apartment buildings in Belmont Shores, working the weekend graveyard shift as the desk clerk at the YMCA Hotel, even making giant roll-up warehouse doors at a factory in Vernon.

After graduating, I served as the marketing lead for several huge enterprises, then started and sold a couple of companies. Finally, you get to this point where you think you can retire, travel, go on cruises, learn to golf, or pursue a new hobby.

Unfortunately, when it got to the point where I could retire in my early 50s, it was not as interesting as I thought. So, I dusted off my career after six months of “retirement” and went back to work.

Of course, work is never work if you’re doing something you love.  And, I’m pleased so say, that’s exactly where I am today.

So, for those who are thinking about retiring, my lesson is simple… have a plan “B” that includes working at something you truly love. Retirement will never be better.

Apple Pay exec Jennifer Bailey: #ApplePay transactions grow by 500%. #Money2020

Apple’s head of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, is set to appear alongside other industry titans at Recode’s Code Commerce conference this December. The Apple exec ran the company’s online stores for many years and now leads Apple Pay, Apple’s contactless mobile payments solution. The Code Commerce meeting takes place multiple times a year; Bailey will be appearing at the last one in 2016…

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NHTSA releases best practice guidelines for vehicle cybersecurity

Following its release of guidelines for automakers regarding self-driving cars, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a similar set of guidelines or “best practices” for cybersecurity in vehicles, designed to provide guidance for car makers. The best practices document is 22 pages and is non-binding, meaning there’s no regulatory imperative… Read More

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Ant Financial partners with First Data and Verifone as part of its global expansion

As hundreds of newly minted Chinese millionaires and billionaires continue their global shopping spree, Ant Finacial Services is expanding its reach to make sure they can buy whatever they want, wherever they want, and however they want. On the stage of today’s Money 2020 conference in Las Vegas, the company announced a slew of partnerships…

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Chinese Firm Issues Webcam Recall After Massive Cyberattack

(BEIJING)— A Chinese electronics maker has issued a recall for millions of products sold in the U.S. following a devastating cyberattack, but is pushing back against criticism that its devices played a role in the massive disruption. Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology said in a statement that customers failing to change their default passwords resulted in millions…

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You’re not alone: Scientists say signals are “probably aliens”

Scientists writing in the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific have found unusual signals emanating from a group of stars that are “signals probably from extraterrestrial intelligence.” The signals “have exactly the shape of an signal predicted in the previous publication and are therefore in agreement with this [extraterrestrial intelligence]… Read More

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Targeting the untapped market of wearables for elder care

Today’s 20-something tech wizards might not worry about the challenges of old age — but they should. Seniors represent a huge untapped market for tech companies. While just 13 percent of America’s population is 65 or older today, that slice will jump to 19 percent by 2030. One area that holds particular promise? Wearables. Read…

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