“Today’s generation of young people holds more power than any generation before it to make a positive impact on the world.” – Bill Clinton

“Every year I try to find the perfect gift for my father’s birthday — one that truly captures what an inspiration he is to me and countless others. And, every year, it gets more difficult!

So this year, I’m working with his Foundation to do something a little different that will truly honor his 65th birthday and his many accomplishments along the way to this milestone.

We’re collecting well wishes from thousands and combining them with the one thing I know he’ll really want — a commitment from each of us to work together to improve the lives of others.

So far, we’ve been getting an amazing response, and it’s only with the support of individuals like you that he’s been able to accomplish so much in the 10 years since he left office.

Please write a personal birthday note and let my dad know that you’re ready to stand with him as he continues his work around the world by making a donation to the Clinton Foundation by August 19th.

I know that to my dad the best gift has always been and continues to be having the chance to make a real difference in the world — and I know he is grateful to the many people who have given, and continue to give him that opportunity.

Your special donation will now support an amazing portfolio of programs, including:

• Reducing malnutrition among impoverished children in Cajamarca, Peru, by delivering counseling, nutrition services, and micronutrients to expectant mothers, infants, and children.

• Helping solve global climate change on every front: through planting millions of trees, "greening" public transportation systems, and fostering the development of clean energy projects around the world.

• Creating jobs and opportunities in underserved communities in the United States by connecting entrepreneurs with successful business leaders to help them grow their business, become better leaders, and promote lasting economic development in their communities.

I am very proud of the incredible work my father’s Foundation is doing — every day, all year long, in every corner of the globe — to change the course of people’s lives.

He inspires so many of us; he inspires me every day. So, let’s give a little inspiration back, by standing with him once again as he embarks on his next 10 years of service to our global community.

Please make my dad’s 65th birthday a truly memorable one by sending him your personal message and supporting his Foundation’s work with a gift in the next 2 days.”

Thank you!

Chelsea Clinton