Our 2012 Top 11 Favorite BBQ Joints

Our unofficial staff poll of aficionados of American barbecue have selected our “2012 Top Eleven BBQ Joints You Must Visit”, based on their collective actual personal experience. How many have you been to?

1. Interstate Bar-B-Que – Jim Neely’s World Famous Barbecue, Memphis, Tennessee http://www.interstatebarbecue.com/

2. Daisy May’s BBQ, New York City, NY http://www.daisymaysbbq.com/

3. Arthur Bryant’s BBQ, Kansas City, Missouri http://www.arthurbryantsbbq.com/

4. Louie Mueller Barbecue, Taylor, Texas http://www.louiemuellerbarbecue.com/

5. Smoque BBQ Restaurant, Chicago, Illinois http://www.smoquebbq.com/

6. Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue, Kansas City, Missouri http://www.jackstackbbq.com/

7. Charles Vergo’s Rendezvous, Memphis, Tennessee http://www.hogsfly.com/

8. Kreuz Market, Texas http://www.kreuzmarket.com/

9. Smileys, Lexington, North Carolina http://www.smileyslexingtonbbq.com/

10. Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ, Kansas City http://www.oklahomajoesbbq.com/

11. Phil’s BBQ, San Diego http://www.philsbbq.net/

What’s your favorite BBQ joint?