9 tech toys made obsolete by smartphones in 2011

1. GPS devices are being replaced by apps delivered via iPhones.

2. Digital cameras that work for 80% of most photographers and videographers are now found on smartphones.

3. The Flip cam was so cool… then the Smartphones with video capabilities made the Flip cam so obsolete that poor Cisco announced it would stop making it last April.

4. The portable DVD player gets trumped by a dozen tablets that let you watch downloaded movies.

5. Voice recorders, from micro-cassette recorders to digital voice recorders have been outsmarted by the smartphone with built-in recording technology.

6. Flash drives are so yesterday, thanks to the rise of cloud computing and the ease of sending giant files, the 2-inch flash drive has come to seem almost clunky.

7. PDA, especially the Palm Pilot, are useless to smartphone users.

8. Netbooks are toast, thanks to tablets and portable keyboards.

9. CD players and stacks of CDS are as obsolete as your uncle Bob’s 8-track collection thanks to MP3 and cloud storage streamed to your phone.