Payfirma Mobile Payment App now available for Integration

Payfirma, one of several companies creating mobile point of sale products for businesses, has opened up its mobile payment platform to developers.

Payfirma says any third party mobile application for iPhones, iPads, or Android devices can now accept mobile payments in-person with the swipe of a credit card. Developers can leverage Payfirma’s payment platform to manage transactions, PCI compliance, and credit card reader integration. Payfirma claims its integration kit “seamlessly and securely shares information between third party apps and Payfirma, automating business processes, increasing efficiency, and improving usability.”

Payfirma apps will integrate with invoicing, accounting, restaurant, and retail apps. For example, mobile invoicing apps allow businesses to create invoices on their iPad or iPhone wherever they are. Invoices, usually sent through the mail or by email to be paid at a later date, can now be paid on the spot.

“The mobile development community is key to Payfirma”, says Kalle Radage, Payfirma’s Chief Product Officer. “We are continually building out our platform to make it easy for developers to add payment functionality.”

Integration with Payfirma allows apps to pass transaction information to Payfirma, such as the transaction type (sale or refund), transaction total, and the email address of the receipt recipient. This makes it possible to conduct a transaction in seconds. After a transaction is complete, Payfirma can pass back information such as the transaction ID, time, date, and order details, which creates a complete and integrated experience.

Interested developers can review Payfirma’s online mobile integration documents in the Developers section of Payfirma’s website or contact Payfirma at developers. Developers can also download the mobile app and start integration in demo mode. The app is free to download in iTunes, Blackberry App World, Android Market or on Payfirma’s website.