California holds the most foreign-born residents in the nation

From the Los Angeles Times, “The foreign-born population of the United States has risen to 40 million, or almost 13% of the population, according to new figures from the Census Bureau. That’s up from about 31 million, or about 11% of the total population, in 2000.” The new report shows that on average, foreign-born were more likely to be employed than native-born Americans.

California is home to 1 in 4 of foreign-born residents, representing 27%, or 10.2 million, of the state’s population of about 37 million. Overall, more than half of the U.S. foreign-born population came from Latin America and the Caribbean, with most of those from Mexico. More than a quarter of foreign-born residents arrived here from Asia, with about 12% from Europe, 4% from Africa and smaller percentages from other regions.

The new stats are from the 2010 American Community Survey, which replaced the long-form decennial census.

Domino’s tests out pizza-ordering via Facebook

Domino’s Pizza is now offering a pizza-ordering app from within Facebook, the social network. Users in selected test markets around the world will need to be on their laptops or desktops. According to Domino’s, there’s no ordering from within Facebook’s mobile phone app, Domino’s says that’s coming soon.