Coming Soon: “Facebook Prime” Paid Subscription Service

It’s inevitable and its coming soon… Our skunk-works intelligence tells us Facebook will soon be offering a premium paid subscription service that could be dubbed “Facebook Prime”.

In addition to the usual benefits of ad-free pages, additional storage, enhanced video playback options, and exclusive “prime-only” services, it is believed the new Facebook Prime will offer cloud-based back up storage of music, photos, and files.

If only 10% of current Facebook users subscribed at an estimated $3/month, it would generate over $2 billion in annualized revenue.

Fees for Facebook Business pages:

GM announced yesterday it is dropping its ads on Facebook while boasting about the value the “free” business pages brings to the GM brand. Again, our skunk-works team tell us that Facebook is planning to start charging businesses subscription fees for maintaining a “fan” page sometime in the near future.  No word yet on what the fees will be, but expect it to be another serious profit center for Facebook.

We’ll keep you posted.