Google honors the legacy of Bob Moog – learn to play here

Robert Arthur Moog, known as Bob Moog among friends, was an American best known as the inventor of the Moog synthesizer. A Google doodle today honors the legacy of Bob Moog, considered by most as the grandfather of electronic music.

I remember his instruments best under the fingers of legendary rock keyboard player Keith Emerson, of the band “Emerson, Lake and Palmer.”

The Bob Moog Foundation’s resident synth expert, Marc Doty, has created a “how-to” video to help those of us not familiar with all the capabilities of a synthesizer get full use of the “Goog”. Check out Marc Doty’s How-To Video () and get started making your own composition! Read more:

Born: May 23, 1934, New York City

Died: August 21, 2005, Asheville

Education: Queens College, City University of New York (1957)