30% of U.S. adults are caregivers

Thirty percent of U.S. adults help a loved one with personal needs or household chores, managing finances, arranging for outside services, or visiting regularly to see how they are doing.

The internet is an integral part of the lives of people who care for loved ones. 79% of caregivers have access to the internet.

Of those, 88% look online for health information, outpacing other internet users on every health topic included in a new Pew survey.

Most are caring for an adult, such as a parent or spouse, but a small group cares for a child living with a disability or long-term health issue. The population breaks down as follows:

· 24% of U.S. adults care for an adult

· 3% of U.S. adults care for a child with significant health issues

· 3% of U.S. adults care for both an adult and a child

· 70% of U.S. adults do not currently provide care to a loved one

Source: Pew Research Center, Washington, DC (July 12, 2012)