Apple iPhone 5 Feature Set Predictions

Get ready, set, go… Here are our predictions for the new iPhone 5…

  • Larger Screen –  Apple will deliver a larger display.
  • New Design – expect a taller and thinner iPhone 5.
  • More Powerful Processor – a faster quad-core processor, the rumored A6 processor, or the A5X processor with quad-core graphics.
  • More RAM – increased RAM to 1GB.
  • New Dock Connector – a smaller dock connector.
  • Relocated Headphone Jack – combined with a smaller dock connector and new design, headphone jack will be on the bottom of the phone.
  • Better Camera – major upgrade to a new camera that takes up less space.
  • NFC – NFC technology is coming onto most Android devices in 2013. I’m hoping Apple takes a bite out of this now and goes NFC on this round.
  • 4G LTE  – time for keeping up with high-end Android phones.
  • Nano SIM Cards – to save space, the new Apple will use the new Nano SIM design.
  • Bluetooth – expect new connectivity to the iPad or iPod.
  • September 12th Launch – the invites are ready to go out. Where’s mine?
  • September 21st Release – very likely. I’ll be standing in line.