Green Dot integrates with Google Wallet

Just in case you had not heard, Green Dot is now integrated into Google Wallet, the service that enables cardholders to make purchases using NFC-enabled smart phones.

While the tipping point has yet to be reach with Google Wallet for NFC-phones, we’ll be keeping a close watch and monitoring the rationale for integrating EPC cards into Google Wallet. I don’t expect any serious demand for Google Wallet for NFC-enabled smart phones until late 2013/2014, but I strongly believe it will make an impact and cross the tipping point over the next 18 months.

Integration requirements have been eased by Google over the past few months. For those who may be interested, here is a link to Google’s latest update to card issuers on the easing of requirements to integrate into Google Wallet:

FYI, by our count, there are but 6 smart phones sold in the USA that are NFC-enabled for Google Wallet. However at least 30 more, based on our most recent count, will be launched over the next few months.