GoPayment tells merchants “hold off on upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS6”

Dear GoPayment Customer,

Today, Apple made available iOS6, the latest version of the operating system for iPhones and iPads. We advise that you hold off on upgrading your iPhone or iPad to iOS6, to ensure that you are able to continue to use GoPayment with your Apple devices.

We are working quickly to ensure that GoPayment works as well with the new operating system as it did with the earlier versions. We expect that an update to the GoPayment app will be required and we will notify you by email as soon as we release a version of GoPayment that will work optimally with iOS6.

For the latest updates on iOS6 compatibility, please visit or email us by visiting if you experience any issues related to the new iOS6 launch.

Thank you in advance for using GoPayment.

Intuit GoPayment Team