Apple has already begun production on the new iPad Mini

Apple has already begun production on the new iPad mini out of a new manufacturing plant in Brazil (more on this in a later post). Apple will send out media invites next Wednesday to the iPad mini launch event to be held once again in San Francisco.

The new iPad mini will have a slightly bigger screen than the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD and the Nexus 7. In a styling change, it will resemble the new iPhone much more than the current iPad, with a bezel frame on top and bottom but not on the sides.

In a change from the past, a Brazilian plant has begun production on Apple’s new 7.85-inch tablet. Typically, Apple products are produced in China, but we could not confirm whether the entire production run had been permanently moved to South America. Apple continues to get slammed over working conditions and increasing labor costs in the Foxcomm plant, which may explain the move, in part.