Popular Breezy Point Bar Moved Seven Miles by Sandy Survives Intact with All Its Booze

The Sugar Bowl, once a popular watering hole for Beezy Point locals, was ripped from its moorings, swept seven miles while steering itself across Jamaica Bay. It smashed through cars and homes. It finally came to rest on Madoc Street in Gerritsen Beach. The Brooklyn neighborhood’s residents, hit hard by the storm, found the bar fully stocked, and ready to be served. Residents flocked to the bar for sorely needed refreshments and escape from the turmoil.

A resident told the Daily Mail, "There’s this bar. It’s got Hennessy, Captain Morgan’s, 12-year-old Macallan single malt scotch, vodka, and cases of Heineken. Well, what were we going to do? We had a party. We needed to let off steam."

The Sugar Bowl Bar was condemned by local building officials shortly thereafter and will be destroyed later this week.