Authorities warn consumers about new credit card scam

Authorities are warning consumers about a new credit card delivery scam

Here’s how the FBI says it works:

1. A “delivery company” calls a homeowner to confirm someone will be home to receive a special package.

2. A delivery driver arrives about an hour later.

3. The delivery person brings a gift of flowers or wine.

4. The Driver asks the recipient to use a credit or debit card to pay a delivery charge, typically around $3.50.

5. The delivery person swipes the card using a mobile machine. The FBI reports that the machine is actually skimming card data and stealing personal information.

6. A few days later, credit card and ATM charges begin appearing on bank statements from locations across the country.

7. The scammer is creating fake cards with personal account information, which are leading to the unauthorized charges.

Any suspect description or suspect vehicle information should be reported to your local police agency.