PayPal: Coming to Gas Stations Sooner or Later (Maybe)

Gilbarco Veeder-Root announced today that it is working with PayPal on digital payment and other mobile solutions to be offered to Gilbarco customers worldwide. The initial effort will launch the PayPal payment capability to retailers with Passport® point-of-sale. Future developments will bring PayPal solutions to Gilbarco’s growing suite of media and merchandising applications.

Of course, gas stations may not fall all over themselves to make PayPal a payment option, just because the fuel dispenser is capable to support it. Operators working on razor-thin fuel margins will be looking closely at the cost of supporting PayPal as a payment option.

On the other hand, marketers may embrace PayPal to help differentiate their brand, especially if PayPal allows small business owners to fuel their vehicles (currently not allowed).

Mike Schulte, President of Gilbarco North America may not agree that fuel marketers are cautious over pricing when he wrote, “Our customers recognize PayPal as a global leader in digital payment, and we are excited to work with them on this innovative payment solution and to collaborate on a number of other retail initiatives. The PayPal mobile solution will be a cornerstone of our suite of retail applications."

This collaboration promises that retailers could connect more effectively with customers and simplify the way people pay for fuel and purchase in-store items. Once fully integrated with Gilbarco’s other products, such as Applause™ TV, it has the potential to provide retailers with an unparalleled communication channel to drive loyalty and higher sales.

“PayPal wants to be where consumers shop every day and by collaborating with Gilbarco, one of the leaders in the convenience store and fuel industry, it has the potential to put us into thousands of locations,” said Don Kingsborough, Vice President of Retail Services, PayPal. “We want to help consumers save time and money, while helping the convenience store industry drive loyalty in the store and at the gas pump.”