#Android tablets market share closing in on Apple

According to figures from Strategy Analytics, Android shipments shot up by 177 per cent, to 17.6 million units during the three months ended March 2013, compared to same period 2012

Android’s market share grew to 43.4 per cent, compared with 34.2 per cent during the twelve months previously. Apple market share slipped to 48.2 per cent, from 63.1 per cent in Q1 2012.

Strategy Analytics says Apple shipped 19.5 million tablets during the three months ended March compared with 11.8 million in Q1 2012.

Peter King, Strategy Analytics’ director of tablets said global branded tablet shipments reached 40.6 million units in Q1 2013, an increase of 117 percent from 18.7 million in Q1 2012. Microsoft captured 7.4 per cent global tablet share in Q1 2013.