40% of new customers to Walmart.com came through mobile

Walmart’s head of mobile strategy, Gibu Thomas, told Mobile World Live, “Over the holidays almost 40 percent of brand new customers to Walmart.com came through mobile, so it’s a new vehicle for customer acquisition for us.”

Thomas says “10 percent of our online sales through our apps happen when the customer is in store and using Store Mode.”  At Walmart’s UK subsidiary Asda, “In less than a year 20 per cent of our online home grocery delivery business is actually happening through mobile… And mobile customers are twice as likely to spend much more than online customers.”

Thomas’ interview revealed more than 50 percent of Walmart customers own a smartphone, a figure that rises to almost 75 percent for its customers under 35.  Smartphones represent a third of traffic to Walmart.com.  Customers who use the Walmart app make an average of two extra trips to stores per month and spend 40 per cent more each month compared with non-app users.

See the full video interview:  http://www.mobileworldlive.com/walmart-reveals-more-mobile-success