Clinkle mobile payments start-up raises $25 million – hires fifty people

Clinkle, a new mobile payments start-up, is promising  to help people either spend their money, merchants collect their money or maybe help reduce the world’s dependency on plastic by replacing credit cards.

No one is really sure with what Clinkle and its’ staff of fifty employee/smartypants is up to, though.  There’s a good chance it’s not another Apple Passbook or Square dongle knock-off.  After all, there’s about a zillion start-ups trying to pull that rabbit out of a hat trick using smartphones.

It’s hard to say exactly what Clinkle has up it’s sleeve.  It’s not saying much except the hype surrounding the prominent group of Silicon Valley investors who do know what Clinkle’s secret sauce tastes like.

Whatever the Kool-Aid in the cup is colored, earlier today Clinkle announced that it has raised $25 million in early-round financing from Andreessen Horowitz; Intel; Intuit; and Accel Partners.  Joining the baby brood are  Marc Benioff, the chief executive of; Peter Thiel, the co-founder of PayPal; and a laundry list of blue-chip  technology industry investors.

Look forward to seeing the blanket pulled back on those sweet baby eyes and getting a peek at the newest little bugger.