The three aspects of web metrics

The three aspects of web metrics – usage, evaluation, and performance.

  • Usage metrics measure various aspects of the frequency and types of uses by each client web site.
  • Evaluation metrics focus on the customer utility, usability, and satisfaction.
  • Performance metrics measure the speed and efficiency of providing the information, whether displaying a page, downloading a file, or performing a transaction.


In each case, the information collected should documents both the current performance in these areas and future standards.


  1. Site Usage
    1. Conversions
    2. Visits
    3. Pages/visit
    4. Landing pages
    5. Average time on site
    6. % new visitors
    7. Bounce rates
    8. By Location
      1. Territory

i.      Country (e.g., USA, Canada, etc.)

ii.      State (Texas, California, Georgia, etc.)

iii.      City (Austin, Los Angeles, Atlanta, etc.)

  1. At-home, at-work, at school, public  – e.g., library
  2. By Task
    1. Log-in
    2. Create account

i.      Pick user name, check if available, password

  1. Opt-in

i.      Email, text, voice broadcasts

  1. Account activity

i.      Address updates

ii.      PIN updates

iii.      Lock-outs

iv.      timeouts


  1. Customer surveys
  2. CSR logs
  3. Exception logs


  1. Connection speed by type
    1. DSL, T1, Cable, Dial-up, OC3, ISDN
    2. Break/Fix monitoring
    3. Latency
    4. App functionality