Square Register issues advisory for iOS 7 Users

Square is issuing an advisory to their merchants using iOS 7 under their Troubleshooting Tips”

“When launching Register for the first time after updating your device software, you may be prompted to allow access to your device’s microphone. Be sure to click ‘OK’ to allow access. If you click ‘Don’t Allow,’ Register will be unable to process payment cards.”

To allow access to your device’s microphone at a later time, Square is advising merchants to follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to your device’s Settings app.
  2. Select “Privacy.”
  3. Select “Microphone.”
  4. Toggle the switch next to Register so that it is green.

For more details:  https://squareup.com/help/en-us/article/4983-update-your-device-software#iOS-7