Arrest report shows how Fleet Cards stop abuse

Video surveillance captured a Las Vegas, Nevada Metro Police Officer fraudulently using a fleet credit card issued by the city to buy gas for a car registered to his mother, alleged in an arrest report.

Fleet credit cards are issued by the city to officers to purchase fuel only for their patrol cars.

The officer was arrested Wednesday on counts of felony fraudulent use of a credit card and misdemeanor theft.

A friend who lives with the officer, and often used his mother’s Ford Mustang, was arrested today on the same counts and booked into the Clark County Detention Center, police said.

A Metro logistics analyst noticed the officer’s fuel purchases had increased from 11 in one quarter to 54 in the next on his fuel log and on exception reports prepared by the fleet card vendor used by the city, according to the report.

The exceptions report  triggered an investigation that led to the arrest.

Government agencies are one of the biggest users of fleet cards to manage and prevent fruadulent fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses.