How to track every piece of mail you send

The USPS wants enterprise-level mailers to be able to track every piece of mail and every package it sends or it receives in order to:

  • Better compete for parcel shipping business.
  • Verify service delivery performance.
  • Optimize the delivery network and resources.
  • Enable dynamic routing and planning.
  • Mailers and shippers can gain more visibility by using Intelligent Mail® tracing, which:

USPS is using the Intelligent Mail® barcode and IMb™ Package barcode to track an individual piece of mail through the postal system.

  • Is an excellent tool to provide visibility and measure delivery trends.
  • Is good for both mailers and the USPS.

There are two ways to use Intelligent Mail® barcode for tracing mail:

  • Destination Option for Outgoing mail which provides information about the status of a mailpiece and when it will reach its destination.
  • Origin Option for Incoming mail which enables mailers to anticipate when customer checks, replies, etc. are in the mail.

Package visibility enabled by the IMb™ package barcode:

  • Allows the USPS to track packages in a similar manner to that of UPS and FedEx.
  • Replaces USPS Delivery Confirmation with USPS Tracking.
  • Is included on every package shipped.
  • Provides full visibility to package tracking information while the parcel is in the USPS system.

Domestic items typically receive approximately 11 scans which include events such as “Out For Delivery” and final “Delivery” or “Notice of Left”.

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Source: Pitney Bowes