Top 5 Don’ts and Do’s to Protecting your Personal Information

April is Financial Literacy Month and MasterCard just published a little refresher on some basic tips and insights to help folks be savvier consumers on how we share our personal information.

We’re all guilty of it. You’re in a hurry, you don’t have time to be as diligent as you’d like and there it is. You let your guard down. You’ve just shared your phone number at the point of sale simply because you were asked. What’s the harm? Well, actually, potentially a lot.

Staying vigilant about protecting your personal information can greatly reduce your risk of theft or fraud – an important and necessary step in today’s digital world. While your credit and debit cards have built in protections, the first line of defense really starts with you.

I like MasterCard’s Priceless Pointers videos for more helpful tools and resources to inform and protect yourself from fraud.

Check out this infographic from MasterCard for their top five tips



Source: MasterCard

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