Omnichannel Marketing 101

Your customers don’t think about you in terms of marketing channels.  Customers do their homework and buy from you – or your competitors – when and where it suits them at the given moment in time and place.

You need to be everywhere your customers are – on their terms and turf.  Miss the timing and the place, you simply risk losing buyers to more nimble competitors.

The marketing meek need to transform themselves to support omnichannel deliverables that reach and engage the consumers at the right place and time wherever they are across a growing choice of digital and traditional channels.  Adding to marketers challengers are delivering on your value proposition with relevant, targeted, and contextual communications.

A few tips to consider for your omnichannel marketing plan:

  • Optimize your customer segmentation modeling and targeting for omnichannel marketing
  • Develop and deliver consistent messaging, offers, and experiences across channels
  • Engage and convert both prospects and customers across the channels they visit
  • Harness mobile and social marketing and commerce