Quote of the Day, “Marketing is the ‘wild wild West'”

“Marketing is the ‘wild wild West'” says OneSpot CMO Adam Weinrot in an interview with Rebekah Iliff, chief strategy officer, AirPR in today’s DM News.

In our Quote of the Day, Weinrot tells us, “It’s about keeping up on everything from content marketing, programmatic advertising, and social media enhancements all the way down to specific mobile apps that are coming out every 32 seconds. There is no CMO handbook that tells you how to utilize all of these things, or how they’ll make your business more successful; and it all changes every seven months. So it’s never a matter of being ahead, it’s more about asking, ‘How do I keep up?’”

Interesting stuff, indeed.  Read more: http://www.dmnews.com/how-to-think-like-a-modern-cmo/article/348424