Why I’ll use mobile to pay, but never give up my plastic cards.

Don’t get me wrong. I dig my new iPhone 6+. It is a pretty nice smart phone.

But, I’m not giving up my plastic cards anytime soon. And, I think the reasons are sound to keep that collection of plastic cards close by when shopping.

Sure, I miss my phone when I leave her behind on the kitchen counter. I stop what I’m doing to read her instant messages, catch-up on family gossip, watch the newest kitten and puppy wrestling video, or monitor the sports scores of my alma mater.

I feel connected to my co-workers 24/7 as I browse emails and monitor what’s happening in the business while waiting for late-night microwave popcorn to finish or Saturday football half-time to end.

I watch the gyrations in my modest portfolio of stocks, and make an occasional trade using my phone. I haven’t called my bank since I can’t remember when because my phone makes checking balances and transaction history all too easy, not to mention using it to seamlessly transfer my declining cash balances among mine and my assorted family members bank accounts.

I’m happy to use my phone to make a purchase in lieu of that piece of plastic in my leather wallet, even though it takes a few seconds longer than whipping out my card from its designated pocket in my wallet. And, making in-app purchases has got to be easier using Apple Pay then one-handed fat-fingering my account number and billing address into the phone while holding the card in the other hand.

At the POS, it’s a different story altogether. I’ve spent years perfecting my stylish “plastic card extraction from leather wallet” moves, giving me enough confidence to pull off a wink, a quip, and a flashy smile to the cute cashier while simultaneously sliding my card oh so gracefully.

I’m not so elegant when fumbling to log-on and pay with my phone at the POS. Maybe I just need more practice.

My plastic card never runs out of battery power. It doesn’t break if it slips from my fingers and hits the hard, cold concrete floor below the register. If my card gets wet or dipped into my catsup at lunch, it’s not a problem that a paper napkin can’t solve.

I haven’t figured out how to pay for something while engaged in a conversation – Can someone tell me if I can pay for something while talking?

What about paying for lunch using my phone at my favorite Applebee’s? Do I have to follow the waiter into the kitchen at Morton’s to pay with my phone?

I’m told if I lose my phone I can log-on to suspend my Apple Pay wallet. But how do I log-on or call if I’ve just lost my phone? I’m not good-looking enough to be successful at borrowing perfect stranger phone.

Since it’s unlikely I’ll lose both my leather wallet and phone simultaneously, I can always have a “plan B” if I lose one or the other.

So, yes, you’ll see me waving my new iPhone 6+ at the POS terminal in my rapidly fading attempt to keep looking like the cool, chic, smart, fashionable kid at the register.

But, I’m keeping the other hand on my leather wallet and trusty plastic, just in case.

After all, Old Guys really do rule. At least, for now…