“Cyber-Crime” Not Uncommon – says Gallup in new poll

In addition to the seven core crimes (burglary, property theft or larceny, car theft, vandalism, robbery, physical assault and sexual assault) asked each year since 2000, this year’s Gallup Crime poll asked about cyber-crimes, defined as “theft of credit card information from store database and hacking of computers or smartphones.”

Gallup reports that twenty-seven percent of households and 19% of U.S. adults claim they have been affected by stolen credit card information (including Target and Home Depot customers) over the past 12 months.  This number is far greater than said they had been victimized by any of the traditional crimes.

Gallup also reports that 11% of U.S. households and 7% of Americans claim they had their computer or smartphone hacked, with information stolen by unauthorized users.

More:  http://www.gallup.com/poll/179174/one-four-households-victimized-crime.aspx