Building your 2015 Marketing Plan

I’ve just started reading Tony Robbin’s new book, Money – Master the Game.  I haven’t moved past the introduction by founder Marc Benioff to find my first inspiration.

Marc writes about how he uses Tony’s insights and strategies to focus.  He highlights five of Tony’s questions in the introduction that could be a valuable first step in building your marketing plan for 2015.  I thought the ideas are worth sharing, which I’ve blatantly tweaked just a smidgen for the marketers working on their 2015 plans:

  1. What do you really want for your business in 2015 – and as important (probably more) what do your customers want? (Vision)
  2. What is really important about it – to you and your customers? (Values)
  3. How will you and your team – and your customers – get it? (Methods)
  4. What is preventing you and your team – and your customers – from having it? (Obstacles)
  5. How will you know you and your team are successful? (Measurements)

I liked Tony’s book so much, I’ve given copies to many friends and family members. It’s on Amazon for under $17.  Here’s a link