Green Marketing Principles for Earth Day 2015

Earth Day 2000 marked the date that The Stiel Report™ formally adopted its Green Marketing Initiative. Every year, we update the overall goals of our Green Marketing Initiative to include the following green and sustainability principles:

  • Integrate green concepts, viewpoints and benefits into every marketing project.
  • Inform and educate associates and clients of green options and incentives that encourage and enable resource efficiency.
  • Implement resource–efficient and green practices in the office environment.
  • Promote and form coalitions with suppliers, staff, and clients to foster resource–efficient activities.
  • Develop, implement and maintain green concepts and the green paradigm in interactions with our clients and their customers.
  • Recognize, validate, and respond to concerns and priorities of our communities and stakeholders.
  • Embrace and consider the interrelationships of sustainable business practices, smart growth, conservation, New Urbanism, and recycling/reuse.
  • Maintain and promote awareness of trends in sustainability, eco-friendly business practices and economic development.
  • Identify how the green philosophy can be employed in business and marketing activities of all types.
  • Recognize and respond to obstacles—regulatory, zoning, building codes, costs, perceptions, lack of knowledge that can impede green practices.
  • Inform customers and clients of the significance and value of LEED, Energy Star, and other green and sustainability rating systems relevant to their business and lifestyle.

We hope these practices inspire you and your company as much as they do ours. We’d be honored if you borrowed some or all of these for implementation in your business.