Chase Bank: More U.S. Consumers Bank On The Go with Mobile

Consumers increasingly handle finances everywhere and anywhere, Chase survey shows.

Digital banking technology keeps making it much easier for U.S. consumers to manage their finances on the go. So easy, in fact, that a third of them bank on their phone and online more than a year ago — and many are doing it at work, at the store or even while on a date.

“They love the ease of handling their routine banking online, on their phone and at an ATM.”

The Chase survey found:

  • More than half (54%) use their mobile banking app at work. One in 10 checked it during a client meeting.
  • Many use it at a restaurant (39%), in a check-out line at a store (38%) and during a date (17%) – likely to ensure there’s enough to avoid an embarrassing situation.
  • They’re also checking it during coffee or smoking breaks (37%), commuting (28%) and waiting to pick up a child from school (24%).