Your Trash Can – the last #marketing frontier

Are you ready for trash-talking at the beach?

Are you ready for trash-talking at the beach?

We marketing-types must be running out of places to track consumer behavior. That’s because I just spent two hours discussing how we can track what consumers are throwing away in public trash cans, and ways we can use trash cans as the next high-tech promotional channel.

Sure, we’ve all been to the beach or an amusement park and seen trash cans emblazoned with advertising decals promoting everything from suntan lotions to candy bars to automobiles. Now, marketers are scheming on ways to take it to a whole new level.

Do you want to know which of your products are being consumed on a favorite Southern California beach? 

No problem.  In the not-so-distant future, marketing scavengers will rummage through the trash can on the sand for traces of UPC bar codes to add to their shopper marketing analytics.

Talking Trash at the Beach?

But before scavengers reach the can, you will likely be greeted by talking trash cans.  That robo-voice emitting from a mechanical kiosk which beckons you with “Would you like a free sample?” at your favorite warehouse club may find a new gig at a public trash receptacle near you.

As consumers, we’re numb to promotional messages.  But, are we ready to listen to trash-talk on your next visit to the beach?  Let me know what you think.