#MasterCard to Launch Talking Credit Card

In another bold and innovative move by the payments company, MasterCard announced today it is launching a talking credit card to help shoppers make better informed decisions.

The new talking card, called “MasterCard Mouth” is embedded with a tiny microchip and speaker that helps shoppers compare pricing, make recommendations, even suggest where to buy something for a lower price. If the purchase amount exceeds the cardholder’s credit limit, it makes a gentle suggestion, “not now”.

“Mouth” is able to automatically adjust it’s volume and voice to the level of ambient noise. This allows it to speak as in a whisper voice in quiet locations, or shout out loudly in crowded and noisy environments. Cardholders can select from several voices, as well.

Wells Fargo Bank and Citibank have agreed to start issuing the card later this year.

Source: MasterCard