Will Amazon buy the Dell Campus in Round Rock, Texas for HQ2?

Here’s our prediction for will buy the entire Campus in Round Rock, Texas.

It’s a good buy for Amazon given the proximity to the entire U.S. Locally, UPS’ new distribution center is currently under construction across the street, a robust regional transportation (including air, rail, road), Dell campus’ existing high-tech infrastructure, plenty of talent to fill the need, plus land to build new warehouses and distribution resources.

Amazon employees would find the Dell Round Rock location fairly attractive, given the lower impact on commutes, housing prices, reasonably-close proximity to the University of Texas, and family-friendly area amenities including health care, local colleges, parks, a baseball stadium, and various proposed venues.

Image result for dell round rock campus map

Map of the Dell Campus (Round Rock, Texas) from an SEC filing

Dell would be a winner in a sale of the now over-sized campus and over 1.4M square feet of office space, given it’s current under-utilization due to shift away from personal computing and local manufacturing, focus on enterprise, massive amount of empty space and land. It’s a rare opportunity for Dell to make a bold strategic move to consolidate, right-size facilities, and maximize value for Dell’s stakeholders.

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