Remembering 9/11.

17 years ago today I was in New York City with some of you at the MSGI offices on 7th Avenue, just a few blocks south of Madison Square Gardens.

As I do every September 11th, I think of all of all of you, and how everyone in the office, especially Jeremy B., came together and worked tirelessly to ensure everyone, especially those directly affected by the tragedy, were safe. And for those stranded by the transportation gridlock that lasted for several days, had someplace to go.

american flag

It was an incredible lesson for me about the character and bravery of the people I was with, and worked with, in the face of not only the attacks on the WTC, but also the uncertainty that followed of what was going to happen next.

One memory that stands out for me this year, and probably also for those who were there, was the sight of a squadron of American fighter jets circling Manhattan Island overhead for hours. It just added to the uncertainty of the moments following the attack.

I will say, it was the spirit and calm determination of everyone in that office, and the entire city for that matter, that left an indelible impression on me about the resolve and determination of everyone I met, that can only be described as what the real America is all about.

Dan Stiel