Kavanaugh meltdown: wrongly claims he could drink legally in Maryland — says AP.

BOSTON — According to the Associated Press, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has repeatedly said that he was legally allowed to consume beer as a prep school senior in Maryland. In fact, he was never legal in high school because the state’s drinking age increased to 21 at the end of his junior year, while he was still 17… (source: AP – see link below.)

This factual error made in his testimony is of serious concern to many others on both sides of the isle, given the entire conversation is about his worthiness to serve on the Supreme Court. Adding to their doubts was his lack of composure that reached near-meltdown status, rambling answers to simple “Yes/No” questions, and obvious contempt towards those he perceived as his personal enemies. Can he serve as a “fair and impartial” judge of the U.S. Constitution? I have my doubts.

I won’t judge the legal merits of the rape accusations, although I’m in awe of Dr. Ford in her courage to share her story, as she appeared confident in her responses.

Instead, based on his appearance on television today, I’m deeply concerned about the mental health and emotional stability of Brett Kavanaugh. It just did not come across as “Supreme Court” material.

via Kavanaugh wrongly claims he could drink legally in Md. — National Post