Data Security and Privacy Principles

The Stiel Report™ editorial team has worked with many of the world’s leading retailers, financial institutions and credit card issuers. We strive to meet and exceed all applicable data security, PCI, and compliance requirements.

In 2002, The Stiel Report™ announced its $10,000 Identity Theft Reward Program for employees, vendors, and associates.

The Stiel Report established the reward program in an effort to eliminate the temptation and potential illicit gain from identity theft among the companys employees, vendors, and associates who handle confidential client and credit information application data belonging to, or under the control of The Stiel Report.


Identity theft is a growing concern among both consumers and clients. While The Stiel Report has had no incidents of data compromise throughout its history, we consider data security and privacy to be of paramount concern.

The Stiel Report implemented this reward program to send a message that the company will aggressively pursue prosecution of data and identity theft, and encourage its employees, vendors, and associates to aggressively report suspicious activity.  The goal is prevention and deterrence.  The program is retroactive to the founding of the company.

The Reward Program

The identity theft reward program provides for cash rewards of up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any persons or entities who have obtained, or attempt to obtain, confidential consumer data from The Stiel Report employees or resources for use in illicit purposes including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Using or opening a credit or other bank account fraudulently
  • Opening telecommunications or utility accounts fraudulently
  • Passing bad checks or opening a new bank account
  • Getting loans or housing in another persons name
  • Working in another persons name

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The following provides a brief overview of the five key practices followed by The Stiel Report in data security and use:


The Stiel Report strictly protects the security of our Client Information and honors client choices for its intended use. We carefully protect your data from misuse, loss, unauthorized access or disclosure, alteration, or destruction.


We will ask you, our client, when we need information that identifies you and/or your customers (Client Information), or allows us to contact you and/or your customers. Generally this information is requested when clients subscribe or purchase our services, request us to respond to or submit an RFP, complete an inquiry form, order our e-mail newsletters, or participating in a client initiative. We use Client Information for four primary purposes:

  • To make it easier for you to use our services
  • To help you quickly find the services or information you need on our companies
  • To help us deliver content and services most relevant to you.
  • To keep you informed about product developments, special activities, updated information and other new services from our companies.


If you choose not to provide certain client information, you can still request our assistance.

If you decide to provide us with the data we request, you will be able to select the information you want to provide us when you employ, subscribe to, or purchase various services, such as direct mail, new account acquisition campaigns, or CRM Database Services.

If you do not want us to communicate with you about offers regarding our products, programs, events, or services by e-mail, postal mail, or telephone, please indicate that you would prefer not to receive that information.

Please include your name, address, telephone, and/or e-mail addresses, and tell us your preferences in your letter.  We honor and practice the principle of permission-based communication, and will strive to eliminate unwanted communication.


We will provide you with reasonable means to ensure that your Client Information is safe and secure. You may reasonably review, audit, inspect, and evaluate our practices at any time, according to mutually agreed and accepted standard industry practices. You may:

  • View and review client information practices followed, including as measured according to instructions which we agreed to perform, and that you have already given us.
  • Provide feedback and input on measures and practices which you would like us to consider implementing.
  • Subscribe to additional services and products.


If for some reason you believe our companies have not adhered to these principles, please notify us and we will do our best to determine and correct the problem promptly.

We are committed to protecting your Client Information, competitive information, privacy and developing technology that gives you the most powerful, safe, and effective direct marketing experience that you can get anywhere.


We work closely with our financial services clients to ensure we support their efforts to comply with applicable regulations including EFTA, CDD/KYC and the U.S. Patriot Act.

Our goal is to earn and maintain your trust and confidence in us, and our principles and practices of fair information security and management. Questions regarding this statement should be directed to us through our contact information located elsewhere in this site.

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Last Updated: September 26, 2018.