StielScore 3.0

StielScore 3.0 is Stiel Direct LLC’s latest version of its proprietary, comprehensive response modeling toolset for customer and prospect marketing and communication. 

StielScore 1.0 was originally introduced in 2000 to help clients aggressively develop, build, and continuously revise predictive response models in real-time in order to maximize time-critical selling and loyalty opportunities.

  • Uses a multi functional platform that incorporates all available data sets to score each individual prospect and/or customer’s propensity for specific products, services and conditions.
  • Provides the ability to score for either individual or multiple products, opening new vistas for managing marketing programs across multiple programs.
  • Gives a propensity profile to enable clients to design optimal acquisition, activation, usage retention, and development programs to systematically target each product to the most responsive markets, customers and prospects, while avoiding unproductive communications and audiences.

Among the more obvious benefits that StielScore 3.0 delivers include:

  • Comprehensive analysis of all targeted products/services in relation to client objectives within customer and prospect portfolios.
  • Improved response effectiveness and budget efficiency through optimal communication channel strategy and prospect targeting based on individual marketing profiles, rather than communication frequency calculations.
  • The ability to improve cross-sell/up-sell beginning with the first point of customer contact for all products and services.

Additional Benefits of StielScore 3.0:

  • Tailor marketing programs, communications channels, and talking points for each customer based on their overall Propensity Profile and Projected Value.
  • Ability to recognize and respond to product configurations appealing to target segments of the Client’s customer base.
  • The base model logic stabilizes as it incorporates all available data elements and can score new products, services or conditions in real-time.
  • StielScore custom modeling capabilities and analytics can be built in as few as two weeks once data is acquired and scrubbed.

Other Case Uses

  • Pre- vs. Post-event data measurement.
  • Surveys including shopper intercept, online, other channels to measure changes in purchase intent, brand perception, and other metrics.
  • Regression analysis to isolate the relative impact of product, price, promotional, channel and other variables.
  • Test vs. Control measurement at the individual, household and other segmentation.

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