Verifone launches EMV-ready Portable Payment Terminal

Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi communications enable merchants to accept all types of payments in any environment.


VeriFone Systems, Inc. (NYSE: PAY) announced today the VX 690—its first handheld EMV-capable payment terminal featuring Bluetooth, 3G radio and Wi-Fi connectivity for fast transactions and flexible payment capabilities.  The terminal’s size, design and multiple connection capabilities meets merchants’ mobile point of sale (mPOS) demands—especially in North America, Australia and parts of Asia—where 3G connectivity is increasingly required for payment device acceptance.

“It is no secret that merchants increasingly want a user experience that parallels that of a consumer electronics device,” said Bill Nelson, executive vice president of Global Product Management for VeriFone. “The VX 690 achieves this goal while providing 3G connectivity that is critical in many markets where 2G networks are transitioning to 3G. The user experience of the terminal combined with its robustness, flexibility, and technical communication capabilities will not only enable payments today—it will enable commerce tomorrow.”

Enhanced Communication Flexibility

The VX 690’s Bluetooth, 3G radio and Wi-Fi combination provides fast, wireless payment convenience as well as fewer dropped transactions in virtually every type of merchant environment. Dual SIM functionality enables the terminal to quickly connect to different networks to keep transactions moving, while built-in GPS allows merchants to track the location of every transaction, providing greater visibility into operations and inventory across multiple stores.

VX690The terminal is PCI PTS 3.0 compliant and features built-in security protection that includes end-to-end encryption to protect data at every point of the transaction.

Simple, Consumer Electronic Style Design

The VX 690’s simple, handheld design is similar to consumer technologies and easily fits on countertops and in users’ hands. Its built-in functionality includes:

  • 3.5″ capacitive touch display that allows merchants to enable commerce with marketing messages via video streaming and audio capabilities
  • Single micro-USB connector for added convenience and functionality
  • EMV capability for supporting PIN, Signature, and no Cardholder Verification Method (CVM)
  • NFC capability to support contactless and mobile wallet transactions
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support
  • Peripheral capability for potential future expansion, including biometric scanner/barcode reader

“Virtually all consumers use portable technologies providing enormous capabilities in their day-to-day lives. Using these technologies has become second nature, not only because of their practicality, but because they present advanced functionality in a brilliant, yet simple package that is easy to use,” said Nelson. “The VX 690’s purpose-driven design merges advanced, secure mPOS capabilities with the type of sleek and simplistic form factor that is familiar to consumers and can help merchants improve the customer experience.”

The VX 690 from VeriFone is expected to be available in late 2014.

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Source: Verifone

Point-of-Sale Leaders Integrate Isis SmartTap™ Capabilities into Product Offerings

Enables Payments, Offers and Loyalty in a Single Contactless Transaction; Partnerships Support Mobile Commerce at Retailers, Vending Machines and Fuel Pumps  

Isis®, the mobile commerce joint venture created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA Inc. and Verizon Wireless, today announced that leading payment terminal manufacturers and software providers are integrating Isis SmartTap™ capabilities across a comprehensive range of point-of-sale (POS) offerings, from high-end integrated POS terminals to vending and other unattended solutions. As Isis prepares for national availability later this year, today’s news signals support for SmartTap capabilities in a broad range of payment environments.

The Isis SmartTap protocol is a new, proprietary mobile commerce software specification that leverages near field communications (NFC) technology, a standard feature on most new smartphones. When supported in an NFC reader or payment terminal, the SmartTap protocol enables Isis Mobile Wallet™ users to pay, present loyalty cards and redeem offers in a single transaction.

“NFC is the international standard for mobile payments,” said Jim Stapleton, chief sales officer, Isis. “The proliferation of SmartTap capabilities at the point-of-sale takes mobile payments one step further, providing rich commerce features that offer an effortless consumer experience and drive engagement and loyalty in a way previously not possible. By providing Isis Ready™ solutions, POS, payment terminal and reader providers can deliver innovative technologies that will benefit merchants for years to come.”

Providers supporting SmartTap capabilities enable mobile commerce in a diverse range of environments such as mass transit, vending machines, fuel pumps, taxis, restaurants, grocery and retail stores.

New partners integrating SmartTap capabilities into product lines include:

  • On Track Innovations (OTI) Global
  • PAX Technology
  • Uniform Industrial Corporation (UIC)
  • XAC Automation Corporation

These technology providers join a growing list of partners that have already integrated SmartTap capabilities into POS offerings, including:

  • Equinox Payments
  • Gilbarco Veeder-Root
  • Ingenico
  • VeriFone
  • Wayne, A GE Energy Business

Mobilizing payments, loyalty and offers creates new merchant marketing opportunities, while streamlining the customer experience. A SmartTap-enabled POS terminal automatically recognizes and applies loyalty cards loaded in the Isis Mobile Wallet. Similarly, Isis Mobile Wallet users benefit from the ability to receive, store and present offers with SmartTap-enabled merchants.

“Roughly one-sixth of U.S. payment terminals are replaced each year. To fully benefit from mobile payments, this hardware replacement must be accompanied with a software infrastructure that enables the compelling shopping, selling and loyalty solutions that will drive changes in merchant and consumer behavior,” said Rick Oglesby, senior analyst, Aite Group. “This announcement demonstrates Isis’ resolve in bringing a fully functioning mobile commerce environment to market with their national rollout.”

  • “The value in mobility is not in how you pay, it’s about creating a more meaningful and rewarding interaction between a brand and its customer, and mobile wallets are an important part of that. As the payment partner of choice for 75 percent of the top 200 U.S. retailers, and with systems deployed across thousands of small and medium-size businesses, VeriFone, along with Isis, is creating the path for greater mobile payment acceptance nationwide.” – Jennifer Miles, president, VeriFone Americas
  • “Collaborations like this allow Equinox to help our customers keep pace with the rapid changes our industry is facing. SmartTap will pair extremely well with our next-generation NFC-enabled Apollo platform and our L5000 family of payment terminals and we’re pleased to support Isis in the development of these very important technologies.” – Patrick Hazel, chairman and CEO, Equinox Payments
  • “As mobile payment continues to gain momentum, we are proud to provide an Isis-enabled fuel dispenser solution. Our partnership with Isis will ultimately help fuel retailers provide a better customer experience by enabling simple mobile payments at the pump.  By pursuing a modular hardware path, retailers who elect to upgrade with NFC hardware today on Gilbarco pumps will also be able to leverage that investment for contactless EMV payments in the future.” – Mike Schulte, president, Gilbarco Veeder-Root North America
  • “Through our implementation with Jamba Juice and other Isis merchant partners, we have seen the benefits of adding Isis SmartTap capability to standards-based NFC payments. ID Tech is pleased to work with Isis in this area in order to continue to deliver industry-leading solutions to our partners and merchant customers,” – Bill Rorick, vice president of Product Management & Marketing, ID Tech
  • “NFC technology and its application for mobile payments such as Isis Mobile Wallet™ and Isis SmartTap™ make the shopping experience more attractive and convenient for consumers today. It enables retailers to engage with the consumer and create loyalty by delivering a more personalized payment experience. Working closely with Isis, Ingenico is pleased to enable this innovative process by adding Isis SmartTap payments to its latest POS devices, including our Telium-based multi-lane Signature Capture iSC480 and iSMP device, the first mobile hardware solution on the market to certify with Isis SmartTap.” – Thierry Denis, president, Ingenico, North America
  • “We anticipate Isis’ nationwide rollout will mark a major inflection point for the NFC industry in terms of universal adoption and strengthening the NFC ecosystem. As a major Isis supporter and technology provider, with more than 20 years of experience providing field-proven NFC solutions, we look forward to supporting the success of this multi-billion dollar initiative.” – Ofer Tziperman, CEO, On Track Innovations (OTI) Global
  • “PAX has deployed over 3 million EMV and NFC payment terminals in over 70 countries, and with all the various payment solutions I have seen in years, Isis is the most innovative and visionary. PAX is excited to be working with Isis on the nationwide launch of the SmartTap solution. Isis has proven to be a leader in perfecting the mobile wallet and how it will best benefit the consumer.  With our integration with Isis, the PAX NFC and EMV payment terminals will help merchants to affordably accept Isis payments securely.  This will ensure that merchants will be providing their customers with the best ways to pay and save.” –Andy Chau, president and CEO, PAX Technology, Inc. 
  • “UIC has engaged in Contactless/NFC payment since 2007 and witnessed very slow adoption, partly due to lack of real value for most consumers. We are so excited to work with Isis on the SmartTap technology, as this collaboration can truly bring added values and convenience to consumers, as well as success to NFC payment.” – Joseph Kwong, vice president, UIC
  • “Wayne embraces emerging technologies that benefit the evolving needs of our customers, and mobile payment is one that we can deliver on the forecourt.  The Wayne TAP™ contactless/NFC reader helps our forward-thinking retailers expand their payment and marketing opportunities at the pump, engaging with customers for a better experience on the forecourt.  The efforts between Wayne and Isis are very synergistic – we’re two leaders in our respective industries working together to bring innovation into the daily activities of all customers.”  – Tim Weston, product manager of Payment – North America, Wayne, A GE Energy Business
  • “Integrating Isis’ SmartTap technology across XAC’s line of NFC-enabled desktop, wireless, unattended, and mobile commerce devices provides its partners with a simple option to enable Isis SmartTap transactions in their own solutions.” – Edmund Chang, founder, chairman, and CEO, XAC Automation Corporation


Source: Isis, the joint venture between AT&T Mobility LLC, T-Mobile USA, Inc. and Verizon Wireless based in New York City. The venture is chartered with building Isis, a national mobile commerce venture that will fundamentally transform how people shop, pay and save. The Isis Mobile Commerce Platform™ will be available to all merchants, banks, payment networks and mobile carriers. Isis, Isis Mobile Wallet, Isis Ready, Isis Mobile Commerce Platform and the associated logos are trademarks of JVL Ventures, LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other logos, product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners. For more information visit

An Open Letter to the Payments Industry: Competition vs. VeriFone –

Recently, Verifone’s Doug Bergeron called on a start up company that provides a free credit card reader to small businesses and individuals to recall its products because he claims the card readers are insecure and pose a great threat to the payment industry.

Verifone is currently advertising  that its credit card readers were more secure.  However, both his competitor’s product and Verifone’s lack another essential ingredient in the battle against fraud, and that is an authentication feature, according to Annmarie D. (Mimi) Hart, President & CEO of MagTek, Inc.


Read  An Open Letter to the Payments Industry: Square vs. VeriFone –

Editor: Mimi is right-on that it will take an industry wide cooperative effort among the leaders in mobile payments to implement a standardized authentication system.

That includes not only the card-reader makers, but also the telcos, retailers, mobile device makers, and software firms touching the transaction.